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Diana Perez, MSM

My name is Diana Perez, and I have been a South Florida Local my entire life.  As the firstborn to Cuban exiles in the United States, the weight of their business often felt as if it was on my shoulders. I remember often translating for my father at ten-year-old, sending emails, and creating invoices too. I was raised with a robust entrepreneur mindset, and I understand the difficulties of running a business, especially with the growing competitiveness of social media and the existing market. 

My undergraduate goals were quite different than what they are now. I was set out to become a lawyer; I double majored in Political Science and International Relations and minored in Marketing. I had an immense passion for helping others as I founded Our Better Places, a nonprofit program that aims to promote voluntourism and connecting individuals to communities in need. I was working at a local outdoor outfitter as its communications coordinator. 

My graduation soon came, I was accepted to several local schools, but that wasn’t enough for me.  I saw another need in my community, one that was not so easily accessible or affordable.  Many small businesses were struggling to adapt to new-age marketing strategies and techniques. These small businesses were often preyed upon by large marketing firms with no clue about the South Florida consumer or market, often these firms would offer steep and expensive pricing to small business owners.


I changed my plans and quickly enrolled in graduate school. I worked closely with my employer to understand their needs, and soon their businesses began to flourish online, and their sales grew too. I was then promoted to Marketing Manager, and then once more to Marketing Director. The Pandemic soon hit, and I was caught not only in Graduate School but having to adapt my employer’s business to the ‘new normal.’  


I know what it’s like to manage and own a business; it is time-consuming but ever so rewarding. However, as a small business owner, you cannot be in multiple places at once. You can try, but you’ll find yourself struggling to keep up. This is where I come in. I want to help you and your business. As a business owner, you deserve time to yourself.


 In today’s world, a business can’t thrive without a good social media presence. Allow me to enhance your business’ visibility and recognition and turn visitors into customers. Let’s work together and grow together. Let’s Keep It Local.  

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